Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi everyone! Listen, ever since I did my food blog on Wordpress, I've been sorely disappointed in the lack of blog helps on Blogger, so I've imported all of my posts and moved over there. This blog will not be updated anymore, but I will be posting over at:

Same title, same stuff, just a MUCH better and easier format.

Also, I noticed upon importing my posts that I missed SEVERAL comments from people...I've replied to them on Wordpress and I'm reallyreally sorry about that:(.

I would also request that, if you like reading my blog, that you'd subscribe to it and/or follow me and/or add me to your blogroll. I really love blogging and want to turn it into something worthwhile, so I'm going to work diligently on that and would love to see that people are responding.

I love you guys and hope you'll all make the trek with me over to my NEW HOME !!!