Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mountain Climber, Ankle Sprainer.

I know I look pissed. That's because I was near death. It was good, though, to know that I pushed my body just about as far as it could possibly go. I was so spent that I was actually getting chills in the 90+ degree heat. When we finished the trail, there was this rock face with just some crags to wedge your foot in and I told Joey I couldn't do it. He went ahead to take some pics, and then came back and said that, if I could try, it would be worth it. It totally was. You could see for miles and miles and miles and miles. We're definitely going to do this again during the leaf changing season and maybe have a picnic lunch up there or something.

Unfortunately, on the way back down, not long after this photo, I stepped wrong with my right foot and rolled my ankle; I heard it pop and knew I was in trouble. We still had about a mile and a half to go to get down the mountain, so I proceeded to walk on it, even though I probably shouldn't have (but how pitiful would it have been to have to have rangers carry me down the mountain because I sprained my ankle, seriously).

This morning, it was pretty swollen and it hurts to put weight on it. Joey told me to stay home and keep it up. *sigh*


John said...

Ice & elevation & stay off your feet as much as possible.

BRANDY said...

I love the first two sentences of this post. It is so classic Melanie...I have missed that humor.