Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out of the Meat Locker

Yep, I said it. It's been a month as of today that I've been without eating meat. Believe it or not, I really haven't missed it like I thought I would. It all started when Lady died...and I started thinking about how, from a Christian standpoint, we only think about sin's ramifications on us. We never think about the innocent victims....God's Creation, which had no voice when we decided to separate ourselves from God through that first sin.

So, yes, I've become a vegetarian for religious and ethical reasons. And no, I don't expect you to follow suit. I don't think it's a requirement to be a good Christian. But I do think that it's a respectable decision for a Christian to make, if he or she so chooses. On a personal level, I think it's another way for me to be more consistent as a Christian and as a caring individual.

Of course, the health benefits are also a fantastic reason!

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