Monday, March 30, 2009

Holy Cow, I Do Still Exist!, schoolwork is done for the day and I can actually write a blog and not feel insanely guilty that I'm not doing something that I should. Furthermore, I have already made mine and Joey's lunches for the next TWO days. And, I'm not dressing up tomorrow, so all that's left is to get my gym clothes ready for after work tomorrow. Maybe I'm finally catching up?

We were on an "internet cleanse" for the last part of last week as we didn't have wireless access in the beach condo where we stayed from Wednesday-Sunday. My internet access was limited to a Starbucks (blech) in Myrtle Beach after Joey got his assignment sent off. It was actually pretty nice to get away from the constant access to realtime information and contact with everyone else. I don't even think I got a phone call while I was there, which was nice since I cringe whenever I hear my phone ring these days.

We got to go to Alligator Adventure, which is always a treat, although I will say that now, after having read so much on animal rights these days, I did find myself noticing how small some of the animal enclosures seemed to be and I don't really know that I'm okay with that, honestly. But, a good time was had by all!

We're going RAW for the next few days to make up for how poorly we ate over the vacation. That was one area where I was disappointed in myself; it sucks to leave vacation feeling bad for how much you've eaten. It kind of cheapens the joy of the trip. But, here we are, back at home, back on track, and except for a persistently sore throat which just developed about an hour ago (pleasepleasepleaseplease don't let me be getting sick!), I think that all seems to be well!

Here are a few pics from the trip:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm No Superman...

I wish I could have blown the above quote up a little; it's from Abraham Lincoln. It amazes me how much animal compassion insight we never read about in the history books. Did you know that Mark Twain was a vegetarian?

I spent a lot of time talking to Joey yesterday about my views on animal rights and Scriptural references to support them (and also Scriptural references that called them into question). I have made peace now with being able to stand up for animal rights and feel as though I'm not being a "bad Christian" for it. I'm glad to finally be comfortable in that. I think that there's room for a ministry to be made out of compassion for Creation.

This weekend was totally awesome. I got a half day Friday and we went out to UNCC to see Shannon fly through the air during the pole vault. It was really neat to see, even if the girls did have to wait two hours after their designated start time. There was sun, there was fun, and we capped it off with a great Mexican dinner to celebrate James's NEW JOB!!!

Yesterday, I had coffee with two friends from high school. Ten years really gives us all perspective, I think. It's funny how fast the time goes, though.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snoopies on the Mantle...

I have four Snoopies on my mantle. I love Snoopy, and one of the benefits of working in life insurance is that there's always something nice coming from Met Life. Three of my Snoopies are from them, and the other is a Christmas Snoopy from Hallmark that my dear friend Shannon gave me for Christmas!

On another happy note, almost everyone I've been praying for to find a job has found one! That's a big relief; it's so hard to find work these days, and when you are offered something, you've got to take it, no matter how high your qualifications.

I'm also feeling like, eventually, I'll probably go vegan. I've been doing a lot of reading and have found it enlightening. Painful to read and see, yes, but life changing. I'm more and more thankful for the Christian Vegetarian Association every day...that there are people out there who share my religious beliefs who also feel that vegetarianism is a good way to be a proper steward of God's Creation. A lot of what I've read has also made me love and appreciate Shelli more and more, and has left me wondering what I can do to help stop the euthanasia of companion animals in shelters. Shelli is spayed, and she was adopted, not "purchased" from a breeder, so we've done our part in that respect, but I want to do more.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here are a few amusing pictures from the last couple of is a Finished-Object type of photo:Shelli is slowly warming up to Aunt Shannon and Uncle James! A couple of weeks ago, she laid on Shannon's lap, and last night, she let James pet her for quite some time before getting irritated!

Unfortunately, the above is a FO post of a hat that I intended for myself but grossly underestimated the gauge, and ended up with a tiny hat that looked absolutely RIDICULOUS on James, therefore making it all the more hilarious that he was so thrilled to model it for us!

It was an AWESOME weekend. Friday night was laid back...we went to the gun show Saturday and spent the whole day with Shannon and James (I think some sort of road trip may be in order after Shannon graduates!!).

On Tuesday, I'm getting rid of something that I've been holding on to since December 2007: my hair. I've been growing it out for Locks of Love since then, and now I'm relatively certain that I have enough to donate and am going to get it cut *short*!!. I'm really excited, because I'm so tired of having a sweaty neck and it taking 10 minutes for my hair to dry.

I've also lost seven pounds thus far...three more and I get to have a shopping spree at the Salvation Army!! And thirteen more and I'll get my next tattoo!

Last night, James wanted to make meatball subs, and Joey and he found vegetarian sausage crumbles, which Joey turned into fabulous meatballs. I'm growing more comfortable about being a vegetarian every day...I'm really starting to feel that, eventually, I may give up eggs and cheese and go fully vegan. I don't know...just a gut feeling.

I'm looking forward to what looks like it will be a pretty good week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out of the Meat Locker

Yep, I said it. It's been a month as of today that I've been without eating meat. Believe it or not, I really haven't missed it like I thought I would. It all started when Lady died...and I started thinking about how, from a Christian standpoint, we only think about sin's ramifications on us. We never think about the innocent victims....God's Creation, which had no voice when we decided to separate ourselves from God through that first sin.

So, yes, I've become a vegetarian for religious and ethical reasons. And no, I don't expect you to follow suit. I don't think it's a requirement to be a good Christian. But I do think that it's a respectable decision for a Christian to make, if he or she so chooses. On a personal level, I think it's another way for me to be more consistent as a Christian and as a caring individual.

Of course, the health benefits are also a fantastic reason!

So, here's your faithful blogger:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everyday Learning...

Friendship is very rewarding. I think that there have been times in my life where I didn't appreciate it as much as I do now. We've got such a good group of people surrounding us, and it makes such a difference in my ability to make it through the day. We had friends over for an early dinner tonight with their two kids, and it was so much fun...I was sad that they had to leave. Shelli also did really well; she let the kids pet her and was awesome!

As much as I feel as though I could live as a hermit, I know that I couldn't.

It's funny how we learn things about ourselves constantly.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Neglectful Blogger...

I'm starting to be remiss on the pictures; sorry about that. I can't ever remember to take my camera with me....although I do have a cute one from this weekend that I'll try to get up soon.

So, I'll be taking Shannon's advice for my 5K training; I figure that she probably knows what she's doing since she's a track star and whatnot;).

I've decided that I have to free up some of my knitting needles, so I'm working to get my many projects done so that I can start some new stuff.

We bought Shelli a Booda cat box today. Holy crap, is that thing's got a little tunnel leading up to the litterbox that's this huge dome and is totally enclosed. And, she really loves it already, which is nice. Anything we can do to help keep us pee free!

A boring start to the week, I know. It's fine with me...there's too much drama these days as it is.