Saturday, January 10, 2009

So, I've already started learning to knit cables. I'm going to have to start over on the project I'm doing with them, though, because it's to be a gift and the yarn and needles just aren't right, and I don't want to give a crappy gift. Since I'll be making those adjustments soon, I may post a picture of what I've done thus far as I won't be giving away what the gift is.

I'm already starting to feel the pressure of school and it's just barely started. Since the online program is much more self-directed than an actual classroom program, I'm having to figure out how to prioritize on my own and make sure I get everything read so that I can get my work turned in on time. One of my courses was moved to another professor, and we haven't even heard from him, so that's pretty nerve-wracking too...that's the one where I've got the assignment due Wednesday.

I did my fourth Couch to 5K workout today, and I also did abs and legs. I've lost two pounds since starting the couch to 5K...that's pretty awesome.

So, I'm hoping to still post twice a week when school gets in full swing, and to make my posts more photo oriented and more surrounding knitting, frugality, cooking, and fitness. Look for that and maybe a giveaway here and there. I'm also shooting to post a blog review every now and then of things that I'm currently reading and enjoy.

That's all for now...I've got to make some snacks for a potluck later today!


Chris said...

Hotmail wouldn't let me reply to the comment you left earlier! Thanks for stopping by. And it sounds like you're on the right track re: online coursework - I have to admit I'm glad that wasn't an option for me, because I know I'm not sufficiently self-directed to do it!

Melanie said...

Sorry about that. I totally juxtaposed my work and personal email addresses because I'm at work. The first part is melbweaver rather than melanie.weaver. I'm such a dork;).

Anyway; I love to read the saga of Chaos and Mayhem. They trip me out royally:).