Tuesday, December 2, 2008


My throat is sore, and I'm already in a mild state of panic that I'm going to get full-blown sick and have trouble singing next weekend. I've had a ton of liquid, 2 airbornes, 2 mugs of hot tea, soup for lunch, and I'm going to have soup again for dinner. I'm doing my best to stay away from dairy and I skipped the gym tonight to get some rest (and I didn't want to be around all of the germ-laden people...blah).

So, I made a list yesterday of three things that I was going to allow myself to worry about....one being my second assignment for the writing course I'm taking. I got halfway through the analysis for Ranger Rick and noticed that, in very small print, was a notification that says that they no longer accept unsolicited queries. Blah. Back to the drawing board it was, and I was really disappointed. I spent most of the afternoon looking for some regional magazine that I could select and became increasingly disappointed that the only regional nature mag I could find was about hunting. I ended up settling on Carolina Country, which is a magazine subscription included in the participation of one of the state's power co-ops. It doesn't pay much, but I think my likelihood of getting chosen to write for them is a good bit higher. It's also a relatively rural magazine by nature (most people here who participate in power co-ops live in outlying areas....like us). I think I'll be able to put it together. Anyway...if you're reading, Wendee, I promise a finished assignment by week's end....hopefully both 2 and 3 by the end of the weekend:).

Joey survived his day today. I'm really glad. And pissed that I'm feeling sick. Honestly, I will be really happy when this holiday season is over and we can get back into a normal routine and rest for a while.

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Shannon said...

Go get some Zicam for that cold. It stops a cold in its tracks and works better than airborn. We need you to be all rested and singing pretty come next Wed! :)