Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good News Weekend

Joey doesn't have to take Hebrew 3, so this Thursday will be his last day of having to stay up there. Hopefully, he'll be able to pull out another "A".

I have a migraine-ish headache and I'm nauseated, so that's a bummer. I'm planning to eat very bland food this week to try to get off the processed crap that I put in my body this weekend.

Joey loved his birthday hat! I'll post pictures soon...hopefully tomorrow. I also crocheted myself a headband and I'm working on a knitter's tote bag (a crocheted knitting bag...the irony).

Michael's had a four hour madness sale this afternoon, and I got enough merino wool for a sweater for Joey, and enough wool blend for a sweater for myself. Joey also picked out a skein for one of the many hats he's added to my queue on the Ravelry site.

Well, I'm going to lay in the dark some more.

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