Saturday, May 31, 2008


I feel pretty peaceful right now. I'm a little nervous about singing in the morning, but otherwise, I'm feeling okay. Hopefully, once I get a soundcheck done tomorrow, I'll feel a little better. One thing I am grateful for, though, with the band (one of the many, many, many things) is that it's put me a little more at ease on the stage so that I don't get quite so disgustingly petrified when I have to get up to sing.

Joey is studying Hebrew right now and we're watching a documentary on the DC sniper as told by his ex-wife.

One of my childhood friends is an avid knitter, and reading her blog and seeing her finished projects is making my fingers itch to pick up the crochet hook again and start working on something. I think I'm going to have to get to work on something soon...maybe a scarf or two for wintertime for Christmas gifts. I love being able to create something with my own hands and getting to look at it once it's done and think to myself, "I did that!" Here's a pic of a baby blanket I did last year for our friends in TX.

I think that this next week is going to be good. We have a gig next Saturday; the band is working on getting ourselves together and growing our repertoire, etc. I don't have anything insanely pressing to do, and I'm going to plan out menus so that I can get some good stuff for myself to eat this week so that I'm not subsisting on noodles and cheese every night this week.

I think that's all I've got for tonight...I'm just feeling pretty good about what's going on in our lives right now and am looking forward to possibilities.

First Successful Piece of Fiction!

Well, I'm thinking that I may be busting through the writer's block, at least a little. I wrote a very short piece of fiction yesterday that I felt pretty good about, and I'm happy with that small bit of progress. I'm finding that I'm writing almost all of the time that I'm at home now, whether it's blogging or journaling, or making lists or whatever comes to mind. I'm not at all disappointed about that. It's nice to feel the compulsion to write again.

Joey is back home for the weekend; I'm so glad. It was a very long week and I'm thrilled that he's doing so well and studying so hard. I'm very proud and happy to have such an awesome husband. I even managed to get some housework done this week, which I know helped him as I've generally been too lazy to do much.

So...there you have it. Hopefully, the rest of the weekend will be as languid and wonderful as today has been. I'll have to sing in the morning, so at least the morning will be rushed and harried, but I'm making my Sweet Potato Gnocchi again tomorrow night, so that'll be tasty! I'm definitely going to try to do less this week because I was way too busy last week and it made me feel guilty leaving Shelli by herself so much. She's not a typical cat...very needy, which I like as it's nice to have a cat that actually wants to be around me, but it does make it difficult to go and do things whenever I want.

We're going to hear someone play at a new, eco-friendly coffee house in Stallings this evening. That should be exciting. I can't wait to see what they've got and what they're doing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simply Hawaiian!

Has nothing to do with what's going on right now other than it's a funny line from That 70's Show which is what I'm watching right now before I go to bed. I haven't got anything that I planned done today. I got home and talked to a friend through dinner and then went out for smoothies with two other friends (there's a new smoothie place near Sun Valley that is AWESOME! It's called Simply Hawaiian). It's nice to be busy, but I feel like I neglected the Kins this afternoon.

It was funny, though....I was talking to Joey on the phone and I put it on speaker phone and Shelli was all over the phone trying to figure out where her daddy's voice was coming from. She started rubbing her head on the can tell that she's missing him.

Joey had a rough first day; I think he was still fine, but he was hoping for it to be miraculously different than it was when he was taking Greek, and it's still a foreign language, so it's still going to be considerably difficult. But I'm very proud of him...he's been studying all afternoon/evening. Send up some prayers for him, though, if you will, that he'll have clarity of mind and dedication so that he can get this done and make a good grade.
I've felt the crochetting urge lately....going to have to start up a project again!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Didn't Fall off the Face of the Earth!

I really didn't think that anyone was reading this...I've been posting relatively often on my MySpace page (I felt like I got more reads there), but I think that this would be better for me as a "more respectable blog venue." I'm still in the middle of this identity crisis, but things are becoming more clear to me every day. I started reading The Artist's Way after reading about it on Wendee Holtcamp's Blog and, slowly but surely, I have been producing bits and pieces of writing that aren't complete and utter crap.

I wrote a poem for the first time in ages this past week, while Joey was in Sanford preaching the revival there. It was very rough, but it expressed my true feelings and could be good after some editing. I also drew for the first time in years the other night, nothing fantastic, just a cat and a horse, but I felt as though I had awakened from a deep, sad, sleep.

This week, I'm undergoing "reading deprivation," which means that I can't read anything this week or watch much TV. It'll be a challenge, because despite my TV diet last month, I'm still relatively TV-oriented, much to my detriment, but I'm looking forward to what will come from the time spent. I'm going to try to finish the LOMA book this weekend (and I'll start on the chapters on the CD next week after the task), so that I won't feel too guilty about shirking my class for a whole week. Reading deprivation is supposed to allow a time for contemplative thought and productive action without the distractions of the written word.

Joey is listening to a video from YouTube of some lady singing the Hebrew alphabet since he has to have it memorized by Tuesday. He looks uber-dorky doing it, and it's hilarious.